13 Concepts And Solutions For Providing Clean Drinking Water

Having clean and pure water for drinking is what everyone wishes for but due to lack of development not everyone gets access to clean water especially remote areas and areas that are currently under developed. For these people there are few things that they can come up with to have filtered water;health-benefits-moringa-fb

  1. Use of Super Sand: It is not merely a simple sand but it is coated with graphite-oxide which makes it super effective for cleaning water to drink.
  2. Use of Moringa Tree: Also known as miracle tree. Using the seeds of this tree can also be used for purification of water.
  3. Water Purification Straws: These types of straws are portable and thus can be used readily for drinking pure water by just placing them in water that is to going to be used for drinking.
  4. UV Purifiers: These are purifiers for personal use in which you only have to place these purifiers in a given amount of water until the censors signal you that this water is clean now; this time is no more than a minute.
  5. Rain Catchers and Purifiers: Such a structure is developed in last few years in which a shelter is designed to catch the rain water and then purifying it and making it readily available under the filter from a small storage unit just like other plants.
  6. Bicycle Water Purifier: In this purifier, water is purified when you pedal the cycle and thus drink water from the purifier around the wheels.work1600
  7. Atmospheric Water Generation Plants: This takes water from the atmosphere and then purifies it to provide adequate water for a whole day long.
  8. Watercone: This is a new concept, inexpensive but the production is only 1 and a half liter a day but its portability is a plus point. Water is purified and then water droplets stick on the cone which can be the transferred to drinking container directly.
  9. Portable Rainwater Catcher and Purifier: Prototype for this purifier is developed from readily available items. It is used as a back-pack thing in which rain water is stored and purified.
  10. Purifying Junk Water: There are plants that can be used to purify water in just few steps to make it available in readily drinkable form.
  11. Table Salt: A salt will make the particles to form a heavy mixture settle at the bottom of the container because of constituents of salt. It can be used to purify water and then removing the water to a drinkable container and leaving the residue.
  12. Playing Pump: This is a pump which will purify water and store iEERE_illust_large_turbinet in an underground container when it is pumped just like a merri-go round which is why it is said that while children are playing at it water will be purified.
  13. Wind Turbine Generator: This is a huge production plant that can produce more than 500 liters of water a single day though at the moment it is in its prototype shape. Its advantage is that in addition to water it also outputs power so installing such plant is beneficial. Secondly, it generates water by grabbing air and then condensing it into water followed by filtration.

There are many other ways but adopting only a few of them can save the common people from the hassle of drinking pure water.


Water is life. I am an ambassador of water. I advocate for safe and clean water for all people regardless of the background they come from. My name is Robertson, an individual with burning craze to see communities live and use clean water. I have grown up in some not very comfortable background that had no clean water. It is by God’s mercy that I managed to survive those deplorable conditions. Indeed water is life.

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