5 Breakthrough Technologies Invented To Supply Clean Water

Water covers around 75% of the Earth’s surface. Yet, around millions die due to its shortage. In developed countries, people at times have a tendency to take water for granted. However, for more than 1.1 billion people (1/6th of world’s population) in developing countries, the idea of having access to treated or clean water goes beyond a luxury concept. Out of the total deaths in developing and poor countries due to untreated water, around 90% are due to diseases like pneumonia, typhoid, malaria, diarrheal diseases, etc.

earth-the-water-planet-4-638Technology is the ultimate weapon to solve this and is being deployed by numerous charitable organizations and companies for bringing easy-to-use and low-cost solutions for clean water access in both developing and poor countries. Clean water does not just imply less diseases or deaths; it has economic and social benefits too. In this write-up, I am going to discuss about 5 technological breakthroughs that are making this possible.

5 Low Cost Solutions for Clean Water

  • LifeStraw

Chemical-free LifeStraw, a product of Vestergaard Frandsen, is a personal water purification tool. Through a super-fine filtration process, it removes around 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria. Since the product has been developed for less-developed and remote areas, it requires no electricity, batteries or any other replacement parts.

One LifeStraw costs just $5 and makes surface water safe for drinking for a span of 1 year for 1 person. For the entire family, the LifeStraw costs $25 and can be used for 3 years.

  • Midomo

midomo_bodyMidomo, a product of Red Button Design, is based on the inspiration that on average, an African person usually covers a distance of around 3.7 miles for collecting water. The internal system of Midomo is powered by rotating wheels and thus, during the process of water transportation, the water gets cleaned up and fit for drinking. 1 Midomo machine can carry around 50 liters of water and each machine is funded via a Midomo bracelet bought by people in developed countries.

  • SlingShot

SlingShot, invented by Dean Kamen, can turn any kind of dirty water, even sewage water and make 1,000 liters of clean and drinkable water every day. It boils the dirty water to such a temperature that it evaporates and after condensation, what we get is clean and distilled water. The machine can run on low power, the same amount of power as your toaster would consume and can also be powered by a generator running on biogas. One SlingShot costs around $2,000.

  • LIFESAVER Jerrycan

lifesaver-jerrycanLIFESAVER Jerrycan is yet another solution which represents a much more economical option. 1 Jerrycan can hold approximately 18.5 liters of water and processes around 20,000 liters of water in its entire lifetime. That means it can serve a family of 4 for nearly 5 years, costing around $0.15 per liter.

  • Stellenbosch University Water Institute HOPE Project

A contribution of the Stellenbosch University Water Institute HOPE Project, this solution provides a point-of-use bottle.

The reusable bottle houses an inexpensive, replaceable water filter similar to a teabag. The nano fibers and activated carbon in the filter removes bacteria and other harmful ingredients and makes the water clean and fit for drinking. These filters cost less than half a cent each.

These technological breakthroughs represent great efforts in making the world a better place to live in.


Water is life. I am an ambassador of water. I advocate for safe and clean water for all people regardless of the background they come from. My name is Robertson, an individual with burning craze to see communities live and use clean water. I have grown up in some not very comfortable background that had no clean water. It is by God’s mercy that I managed to survive those deplorable conditions. Indeed water is life.

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