7 Water Organizations You Should Know

Drinking clean water is indeed essential for all of us as it helps in keeping the diseases away. Those who are thinking that clean and safe water is a privilege then you are absolutely wrong because drinking clean water is a right of every individual so as to keep oneself fit and fine. Below is the list of companies and Non-profit organizations who have taken initiatives in bringing clean water for public.

Significance of Clean water

WaterDeveloping countries such as Asia, Africa, Caribbean and Latin America came forward in forming a Non-profit organization which is named as Charity: Water. The aim of this organization is to provide clean water to the people residing in above mentioned countries. Charity: Water has also provided many employment opportunities ranging from fundraising to volunteering. The interesting part about this organization is their creativity in gaining funds. They have arranged a campaign and told people to donate to them in case of Birthdays amongst friends and families. Instead of receiving birthday gifts, they can donate to Charity: Water.

MIYA is the next water organization that aims at providing comprehensive urban water efficiency solutions to the Bahama, Canada, South Africa, Brazil and Philippines people. They primarily focus on reducing the Non-Revenue Water (NRW), further bringing the fresh water for the residents. As per report many of the municipal infrastructures are obsolete and not much attention is given to them by the government. For this purpose, MIYA comes forward and looks the goals of the specific town and budget so as to reduce NRW while providing various awareness programs amongst community regarding water preservation.


Along with MIYA, another water organizations like Water.ORG and WATERISLIFE, which are non-profit organizations, take special care for providing clean water to the people. The core purpose of Water.ORG is to provide intensive seminars on topics such as Significance of water in maintaining good hygie

ne and why water should be preserved. This organization have also created Water Credit which is basically an initiative, connecting microfinance institutions to communities and individuals in developing countries that takes small loans in order to build clean water mechanisms for themselves. WATERisLIFE developed a product called The Straw, which is actually a filtration product that aims at providing clean drinking water when immersed into a water source. The people of India, South America, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Africa and Haiti are benefitted by this amazing product. The organization also takes various seminars and educates people about sanitation importance for health and well-being.

Need of Clean and safe water

Columbia Water Centre which is generally referred as CWC is doing well in designing the appropriate models of water management. The team includes researchers and scientists who preferably work in Public policy, Hydrology, engineering, finance and agriculture departments to ensure sustainable water use along with its allocation. Delaware River Basin Conservation, Climate Risk and conflict in Central Asia are some of the research projects undertaken by this organization.

THREE AVACADOS is the next social enterprise which generates funds to provide clean water in Africa via sale of coffee. Uganda is running a water project and this organization donates 100 percent of their shares to the Uganda’s water project. This organization sources coffee from Uganda’s Mt. Elgon and collaborates with certain Coffee growing co-operatives in Uganda. PUREMADI is again the non-profit organization comprising students and faculty of 1467686891538university of Virginia that creates water filtering technologies for improving the quality of life and health of human. This organization has partnered with University of Venda which is in Thohoyandou, South Africa. The first project ever carried out by PUREMADI was a ceramic water filter which essentially used local materials so as to purify water effectively.

Saving water is a great deal and all of us should be responsible in preserving the water. All the above mentioned organizations are trying their best in providing clean water to the public. Clean water is need of an hour because nowadays there is rising capacity of water borne diseases. Stagnant water should be removed and all water organizations mentioned above aim at spreading this message amongst people through seminars and workshops.


Water is life. I am an ambassador of water. I advocate for safe and clean water for all people regardless of the background they come from. My name is Robertson, an individual with burning craze to see communities live and use clean water. I have grown up in some not very comfortable background that had no clean water. It is by God’s mercy that I managed to survive those deplorable conditions. Indeed water is life.

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