About Me

Water is life. I am an ambassador of water. I advocate for safe and clean water for all people regardless of the background they come from. My name is Robertson, an individual with burning craze to see communities live and use clean water. I have grown up in some not very comfortable background that had no clean water. It is by God’s mercy that I managed to survive those deplorable conditions. Indeed water is life. I recall that bathing alone was a water_is_life_by_jonasfortheart-d3ekszmvocabulary during weekdays as we used to bathe on Sunday to take us through the week. You can fill in the gaps; if that was bathing water, how about washing utensils, clothes, and drinking? Statistically, it is said that 663 million people live without clean water. I was part of that statistics.

I recall I used to walk long distances in pursuit of some clean water for my family, more so for my aging grandmother who heavily relied on well wishers for her survival. I used to walk for close to seven kilometers in order to ensure that I got her at least a gallon of clean water to keep her for some days before another well wisher would come knocking on her door. Faced with such daunting tasks of pursuit for clean water both for myself, my parents, and my grandmother, I had to engage my mind so as to bring about a drastic solution that would have far reaching impact in my village. I no longer wanted water for myself alone. My burden now had to incorporate the entire village. It was in this breath that I formed a local group that would mainly aim at provision of clean water especially to our locality since it was the hardest hit.

Clean Water Only (C.W.O) group was formed out of several interactions with local people. They agreed that I was to be the coordinator of the group since my efforts had been seen. As the coordinator of the group, I approached local leaders so to help iron out the water menace. With the help of local leaders, the government would later chip in and help sink several boreholes across the villages. The boreholes that were sunk were twenty nine in number, each borehole to cater for roughly 500 households. This would later be supplemented with piped water that was brought to the village and the entire constituency through governmental interventions.

I believe that water cannot be equated to any other basic commodity that a human being requires for survival .A person who has no access to clean water is believed to have no access to life. Global business moguls should as well make a conscious and calculated decision to invest in corporate social responsibility through provision of clean water to the suffering communities. I will not agree to the fact that it is the sole responsibility of the United Nations and other humanitarian organizations to provide clean water. Provision of clean water according to me should not be overlooked. It should be done now. Not any other time. Water is life.