1.    What has made you to be crazy this much about clean water globally?

I have spent my life in some deplorable conditions. It was not the best place to grow up, but since no one is given the freedom of choosing the place to be born I had to grow up there. Water was really scarce in the locality I grew up. I had to literally walk long distances to secure few gallons of clean water for my family and for my aging grandma. This ignited the fire within me since I believed that everyone has a right to access clean water; my village was not an exception. I had to pursue every means available to ensure that I changed the conditions that my background lived in. This had to be done urgently since several children had succumbed to dehydration and other health related complications brought about by inadequate clean water.

2.    I do not think that you are the sole water ambassador from your village. What has given you this fame?

Well, I would not like to say that I have gained fame. Talk of fame and I will show you who is famous. I am not. I am the least servant in my entire neighborhood. I agree with you that there are other ambassadors that have other things they advocate for. I am not the only one that advocates for water. In fact, to be true to you I am just a coordinator of a group that is referred to as Clean Water Only (CWO) that is comprised of other water ambassadors that have the same belief as mine. We all work towards the same goal: Making clean water easily accessible to all regardless of distance from the water source. This has earned friends and foes alike, but we do not give up since we have a higher problem to fight with as opposed to local back bitters.

3.    Which is the biggest challenge that you have ever faced in your water ambassadorial life?

As you have observed earlier, I am not the only water ambassador in my area. I am just a coordinator of other water ambassadors. I work as a servant. However, in my quest to bring out the realization of the dream, I have faced real adversity from far and wide. Local politicians have at several occasions ganged up against me since they think that I am in pursuit of a political post. This had at one time caused a stir among them. They ganged up against Clean Water Only (CWO) group making the provision of water a real hard task. I spent a lot of time trying to convince them that all we wanted as a group was clean water since the challenge had taken a toll on the villagers. After several meetings, we finally struck a deal and they agreed to partner with us as a group. We collectively hired several companies that worked together to ensure that boreholes were sunk across the village. The government would later chip in and provide piped water. This was real victory having encountered barriers in pursuit of our aim.