My words

Hello, all! My name is Vinay and I’m an Indian American living just outside of New York City. As you’ve probably guessed by now, I am water conservationist and I run a nonprofit in the city that helps get water to small villages and people all over the world. As I grew up in India, I was well aware of the concerns with water. Many people in my family have had dysentery and giardia, as well as other water contaminant issues. Needless to say, despite my family’s fairly high standing in the caste system, we didn’t have the access to water and basic hygiene that people do here in the States.

I came to US in 2001 to study climate change and geology, so that I could get a better understanding of why people in the US seemed to have such access to water and people elsewhere in the world were still dying of waterborne illness. It didn’t seem fair, and to be honest I was mad for the longest time because I wasn’t lucky enough to be born in the US. Now, however, I see that people in the US just genuinely don’t see what’s going on outside of their walls, and that’s a social problem. I have since spent all my effort on raising awareness (and money) for programs that help people get access to the clean water we have here.


I also talk to students in elementary and middle school, and I basically implore them to pay attention in science class, explore, and be innovators. One of the kids I’ve spoken to will, someday, be the one to fix this problem; I just know it. I have a couple of grad students who follow me around day to day, and they’re probably going to help solve the problem, too. Once they stop following me around my office and actually applying themselves (ahem).

Aside from that, I met and married my wife in 2004 – it was a whirlwind romance and very different from the arranged marriages that are so common in my birthplace. It’s been interesting stepping into the American culture and taking on certain aspects that I never even considered when I was living in India. Now, my wife and I have two great children and we enjoy raising them to be socially conscious and ecologically aware. My wife works with me at the nonprofit, and our children are about to enter middle school, so they keep us on our toes.

My hopes with this website is that I find people who stumble across the water crisis and want to learn more. I want this website to be that resource, and I want to give people unfiltered, unblocked advice and education on the actual events that are coming down the pipeline if we don’t fix this problem ASAP. While I know I have amassed a generous following, there is still much work to be done. Here’s hoping that you’re reading this and you’re going to share what you learn here; we can change the world together!